PWS - Pegasi Web Server

Welcome to the future homepage of PWS - The Pegasi Web Server.

Last updated: 9 december 2000.

And to all those that might wonder: no, we're not in league with 'M$'. The name PWS just seemed 'applicable' at the time - and it still is :-).

What is PWS
PWS is the Pegasi Web Server, written from scratch in Java. The main advantage of writing in Java is that it runs on every and all platforms that have a JRE available (JRE = Java Runtime Environment).
More information on java can be found at

The project started as a project for the course of Networking at the Hogeschool Gent.
It is being written by a group of students that are members/founders of the PegasiLUG.

What can('t) it do right now?
What it can do:

Problems right now:

Is there anything to download here?
Here? No. But you can check the sourceforge page here.

This page is under development. Look back later - The PWS Crew